Treasure in the Mundane

Wherever you are today, I hope you are encouraged by what you are about to read. Life is often not easy. I find myself stuck in each passing day and I know many other people feel the same way. The only thing that seems to break the mundanity is a unique challenge or the thought of some glorious journey that could shake things up. Even then, I find myself right back in the same daily routine. 

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An Entry on God’s Love

This post is a little different than normal (and way shorter). Most of you know me as very logical and theological, which is true, but every now and again I have an encounter while spending time with God that results in something more poetic. I wanted to share it for those who may benefit from it.


Today Kayla and I are getting some intentional time with You at Starbucks. I didn’t know what to do so I started listening to music. Usually I feel like listening to worship music is some sort of cop-out compared to seeking Your face, but this time I felt like Your face came to me! Your love dove in and invaded in a moment. I wanted something profound and You reminded me of Your love! May my heart be undone by Your extravagant love. Such kindness, gentleness, and patience have never come from another source! Your holiness is Your heart full of love. Your righteousness is every deed done completely for love. Your peace is Your eternal commitment to choose love no matter the cost. Your joy is Your love spreading, being received, and returning among Your creation.

I bless You, LORD of Heaven and Earth! Great and unending is the love of God! The love of the Almighty is the pillar of creation. Love is the paint of the True Artist. Everything You’ve done has been for love, and so You are deserving of our lives to be full of love for You in return and others in response. May we have love that appears as Yours truly is. Your love desires that love would increase and expand. Your dominion is a realm where Your love is the ground and the sky.

And so You desire that we would have dominion on Earth, not so we may rule, but so we may love and You love and so the world may know You…